Find your real Roots
Who were your ancestors? What did they do?
Where did they live? Where are they buried?
Their historical perspective        

         A family tree project can provide a wealth of fun and information. Whether your project is a quick family tree diagram with your kids for school or an ongoing, research-intensive genealogical search, the benefits frequently outweigh the time involved.

Genealogists will tell you that a family tree project can provide:

            * A sense of family and self – The knowledge of the origins and lifestyles of those who came before can provide a renewed sense of the family to which you belong. By tracing the history of parents, grandparents and great grandparents, the researcher often discovers a fulfilling sense of self as they discover the histories of those who came before them. Go back over 200 years. Find the burial spots.

        * A perspective on history – Genealogy can provide a personal view of historical events. Family movements are often parallel with what's going on in history – wives moving in with families as husbands go off to war or families moving across country to find better jobs during tough times. Who originated the use of last names and why?

        * A spotlight on traditions - Genealogy provides a link to family members and their ethnic and cultural traditions and history.

        * A history of family health - By searching family records you can discover potential sources for inherited diseases and body characteristics.

        * The opportunity to be a detective – Genealogy requires the search for information, with formats ranging from court house record books, library microfilm, family photos and documents and web searches. You never know where an entry in a family Bible or an entry in a marriage license might lead.

        Our seven session course is a beginner’s guide to finding your ancestors and your personal historical heritage. Begin learning how to find information through sources that can be found in your home, courthouses, libraries, and on the Internet.

                    ✓ Where to look and how to obtain documents

                    ✓ How to organize your research.
                            Project Management
                            Creating & Maintaining Your Filing System

Fully Integrated Recording Process, Digitizing Documents

        ✓ Analyzing the Criteria & Evidence. Learn how to identify the hints hiding in documents.