Online resources to help trace your Jewish roots.

        Avotaynu: The International Review of Jewish Genealogy started in 1985 as a quarterly newsletter about Jewish genealogical issues.    Also subscribe to the free e-newsletter "Nu? What's New?" here and find other books and resources.

Beth Hatefutsoth: Museum of the Jewish People
This Israeli museum keeps track of Jewish roots from cultures around the globe. The Douglas E. Goldman Genealogy Center has an extensive computerized database of more than 850,000 names. For $5, the staff will search the database for you and send you the results. You can uploa

Commercial Directory of Jews in the United Kingdom- Published 1894
A great research tool. (Warning: Directory pp 2-4 are blank)

Consolidated Jewish Surname Index
Avotaynu's gateway to information about 699,084 surnames, mostly Jewish, that appear in 42 online databases.

Cyndi's List—Jewish
Links to more than 240 sites, books, audiotapes, Web rings and much more.

FamilySearch Jewish Family History Resources
This guide offers help researching Jewish roots and finding records in the Family History Library.

Genealogy Resources on the Internet: Jewish Mailing Lists
Connect with other researchers via e-mail.

Adds full-text and soundex search capabilities to important online genealogical resources.

Given Names Databases
Search given name databases for 17 Eastern European countries. What would the given name have been changed to in another country including the U.S.?

Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Chicagoland

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
HIAS has provided protection and assistance to Jews around the world. Its historical records record information about those who've been helped.

Holocaust Links

Holocaust Names
Survivors searching for relatives and vice versa come together on this site.

The International Association of Jewish Geneaogical Societies
An umbrella organization for historical and genealogical organizations around the world.

The all-encompassing site for Jewish genealogy.
Features include a directory of Jewish Genealogical Societies, Yizkor (memory) books project, Burial-Cemetary Database, Shtetl Seeker and the Family Finder, with surnames and town names.

Jewish Web Index
A compendium of links for Jewish genealogical research.

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland.
        Launched in early 1995, JRI - Poland is the largest fully searchable database of Jewish vital records accessible online.  4 million records from more than 500 Polish towns are now indexed. More are being added every few months.

Judaism 101: Jewish Names
Dispelling surname myths and explaining given-name practices.

Museum of Family History
“The Museum of Family History is a virtual (Internet-only), multimedia, and interactive creation that was designed for those who are interested in learning more about modern Jewish history, as well as those who were a part of this history, who now grace the many branches of our family tree. The Museum humbly attempts to honor the Jewish people and the Jewish family unit in particular.

"Through various exhibitions of sight and sound, the Museum strives to keep the memories of our ancestors fresh in our minds, while at the same time allowing us to learn more about the historical events that might have touched and shaped their lives, and subsequently our own. Through first-hand accounts, we learn of both their struggles and their triumphs, and through this awareness we perhaps gain some understanding of the world in which they lived.”

Museum of Jewish Heritage
Billed as a "living memorial to the Holocaust," the New York City museum celebrates and preserves 20th-century Jewish life and culture. An online Family History Center is currently under construction. Great for those who want an overview of modern Jewry, and you may even find an artifact connected to your family.

One-Step Web Pages by Stephen P. Morse
Tools on this site help you search a variety of Holocaust- and Eastern European-related Web sites, convert Jewish calendar dates, translate Hebrew writing and more.

Routes to Roots Foundation
Eastern European Archival Database

Sephardic Genealogy Resources
Discovering your Sephardic ancestors and their world           


        Federation of Synagogues
            The Federation of Synagogues comprises a network of thirteen Constituent and ten Affiliated Synagogues. Also has a Burial Society and manages Edmonton and Rainham cemeteries.

        Jewish Communities and Records (Marriages, Burials and 1861 Spitafields Census)
        Greater London only
        All of U.K.

        The Poor Jews Temporary Shelter Database
        Where new immigrants would stay while finding homes and jobs.

        Synagogue Scribes
       Your one-stop gateway to Anglo-Jewish community records: Synagogue Scribes offers a unique and fully searchable database of London Ashkenazi Synagogue records, with the emphasis on pre UK civil registration, which began on 1st July 1837.

        United Synagogue (Conservative and Orthodox)
            Burial Records - Locate cemetery and plot number

            Marriage Authorisation Certificates

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
This Washington, DC, institution and its extensive archive and artifact collection have grown to staggering proportions, and its holdings can be searched and viewed online. There are also Web exhibits, academic journals, visitor information and more.

Yad Vashem: The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority
This museum dedicated to remembering the Holocaust has in-depth historical information, news on the International Tracing Service (located in Bad Arolsen, Germany, the ITS holds concentration camp-related records the Allies gathered after World War II), a Shoah list of Holocaust victims, historical photo database and more.

Yivo Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe

Jews from Russia

It is estimated that over 3.5 million people emigrated from Russian between 1820 and 1992 (about 2.5 of this number around the turn of the last century from 1897 to World War I) and that approximately half of these were Jews. If you have ancestors who are Russian Jews, the following books and sites should prove extremely useful.


Beider, Alexander. A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire. Teaneck, NJ: Avotaynu, 1993.

Cohen, Chester G. Shtetl Finder: Jewish Communities in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries in the Pale of Settlement of Russia and Poland, and in Lithuania, Latvia, Galicia, and Bukovina, with the Names of Residents. Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, 1989. 929.1 COHEN

Feldblyum, Boris. Russian-Jewish Given Names. Bergenfield, NJ: Avotaynu, 1998.