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This website is intended as a supplement to  an eight part educational series on basic genealogy.  The course was first taught at the Chicago Bar Association in February, 2011.

Most of the actual instruction is found in the class sessions and these pages are provided to facilitate the attendees' searches for their ancestors.  They do not provide all of the resources available on a topic, but rather serve as a starting point.  Many of the sites listed lead to numerous sub-sites.  There are, obviously, many more sites and research locations around the world.

While a tremendous amount of information can be found on the Internet, as much, if not more, can only be found in person at the local archive.  Visiting your ancestors home towns and their gravesites can yield untold amounts of information and leads.

But first you have to get started building your tree.  Doing it - not just thinking about it. Building a complete tree with data, stories and history will take a great deal of time.  It is challenging, frustrating and exciting all at the same time.  But in the end, the inner warmth that you and your future generations will feel from really "knowing" your ancestors and what happened in the past to allow you to be here now, is indeed "A Priceless Gift".